Project Description

Customer wanted to create a app to make their business process simple and in an organized manner.

  • Show celebrity information according there category like tv star,movie star etc.
  • Securely stored app user and celebrity data.
  • Show all current or new event details to celebrity.
  • Send notification when new booking request.

Our team of apps developers at Augment Deck Technologies faced following challenges during the design and execution of the project

  • Manage/mantain celebrity profile.
  • Manage celebrity event calender.
  • Differentiate event request according event type.
  • Sometime celebrity and manager both are same so manage there accounts.
  • Keep secure celebrity data.

Keeping in mind the intricacies and requirements of the web site the following solution was provided by Augment Deck Technologies.

  • Create app fully user friendly and responsive.
  • Easy navigation and functionality.
  • Showing celebrity data according there categories.
  • Securely stored customer data.
  • Send notification about new booking request.

Augdeck's solution delighted the client and they are extremely happy with its classy look and functionality.

  • The app has become one of the top ranking application in its genre.
  • Client does not need to worry about their app's performance anymore, and can use more time on core management.
  • Queries have peaked up within months of launch.
  • Client has not asked for any assistance or maintenance support since launch as in-depth management training was provided to the client.
  • The customer wants us to extend our solution to his subsidiary offerings as well.


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Setup Profile

Setup celebrity and manager profile in less than 5 minutes. Set preferential criteria for occasions you are interested in as well as your budgets for appearances, performances and endorsements.

Calendar For Upcoming Events

Check your calendar for upcoming events. Managers can review requests for all their celebrities and shows. Monitor your dashboard for profile views, requests and engagements.

Accept or Reject Event Requests

Receive alerts for new requests. Accept or Reject requests instantly with a simple tap on the phone.

Other Features

Communicate directly from the app without sharing your contact details with businesses/organizers. Managers can add and view all the celebrities and shows they manage with a single registration. Get in touch directly with the Celeb Connect support team.


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Admin Panel

Admin Panel is the most powerful management tool to boost your mobile app! It allows you to keep an eye on your users, their behaviour and their messages! Look what they post and how they interact with each other and take care of the users that don’t behave properly!

This admin dashboard that helps in controlling the back end features like manage celebrity and manager data, event data, user data ect.

  • Admin can verify the celebrity and manager through admin panel.
  • Edit/update/delete celebrity details.
  • Handle payment details.
  • Accept and reject event request.
  • Handle website content.
  • This admin dashboard that helps in controlling events requests.

    • Admin can verify the shows then confirm the shows.
    • Admin can reject and accept the show request.
    • Maintain all event request data.
    • Manage all shows queries and problems.

    • Handle website content.
    • Handle all celebrity and manager profiles.
    • Handle event feedback.
    • Handle shows request.
    • Handle user queries related event.